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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Palm trees blowing and gentle waves crashing on the beach; the sweet scent of fresh air and her perfume settling your nerves. Smooth jazz playing across the water for the party of two as you dance out on your balcony in your own tropical paradise. The sun is setting, and you cannot stop thinking about how you are so lucky to be in the life you are living and then, you look at her, that beautiful brown eyed girl that stole your heart. So innocent, yet so ornery. Her silky blonde hair, gently blowing in the wind, as she looks out of the water. What thoughts could be running through her mysterious and playful mind? She has the spirit to complete you, the voice to soothe you, and the touch that comforts you even on your toughest days…how blessed you are. All the times you were put to the test in life, pushed to your limits, and bent without being broken. Then, before you can even finish that thought, she turns and looks at you with glitter in her eyes. It is as if she already knows you are thinking about her; and that smirk she gives you that would melt any man, how lucky she has an eye for you.

You could live in this moment with her for eternity, for it would never grow old. As the music picks up, you go to dip her but stop with her staring into your eyes like an angel. She can read deep into your mind and captures your soul. She takes your breath away and then, with all the passion one man or woman could have, you kiss the lips of the girl you fell in love with and still fall in love with day after day. The taste of red wine as you bite her lip and goosebumps that come over her soft skin keeps you two from ever wanting the night to end, and so it doesn’t. The band plays on, you pour another glass of your favorite red as you rub her thigh and talk about all the amazing things in life you have done together and being overtaken with joy because you know it is only the beginning. She puts her head on your neck and nudges your chin as she settles into your arms. The day has been euphoric, and the night is still young.

The smell of her hair and her soft touch has you ready to kiss her again but you cannot hold back the drive you have any longer, “please baby make love to me and fuck me like you never have before”, but the most incredible thing is there are no words shared at all. Just from her touch alone you hear this and you know what to do. She loves it when you gently kiss on her neck and nibble on her ear. As you slip underneath her sundress, she helps by seductively slipping out of her bikini. Touching her body and her nails on your back as you get deeper inside to her soul keeps you going for hours. You are having your way with her, but better yet, she gets to have her way with you. So much competition between you both, but when it comes to sex, it is one of a kind.

As the night draws near end, you start to dread the realization that moments like this cannot last forever. So, after finishing the bottle of wine, comes a bath that she has drawn, and your life is complete­—the woman of your dreams, paradise, and the most amazing life you could have ever imagined, all right at your fingertips. Serenity.

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