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The Anatomy of You.

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Your laugh makes my face wrinkle as if I lay in satin sheets and

when i'm sad, it feels like melting ice cream if our hands should meet.

Your kiss is sweet like honey when its dripping from a spoon,

and the memory of your eyes reflects on water like the moon.

When you kiss me it makes my skin as clear as a pane of iced glass, and

then I get a quick sensation like when I smell sweet sassafras.

its not easy to behold a love so rich and tender, but with

the way you gaze at me, my heart has no choice, but to surrender.

Much like the spring bloom of aromatic wildflowers,

our love is so palatable; I can taste it on my tongue, and it could never become sour.

Life with you is a slow dance to my favorite song,

and when its over, I reminisce on your lips that sang that song for so long.

Your portrait may come close to a beautiful oil painting, but

a blissful night with you and red wine could create a portrait staining.

Nothing compares to the look you give me with a sparkle in your eye

and now I cannot fathom what it would be like to ever say "goodbye."

You always grasp my shoulders when I am feeling a little tense and

you lift my chin and my spirits up when I lose my confidence.

Your hands are soft like blankets, when they caress me all warm and cozy, and

my body wrapped in yours is like the essence of a teapot cosy.

Your smile is very unique, and it can be as white as a wedding rose,

which holds the same tenderness as your heart when your fingers graze my nose.

Your smile contains many secrets, and i'm sure few are untold, but

now we can share new secrets together while we watch life unfold.

I haven't met anyone quite like you-- you're definitely one-of-a-kind

and to all who can't see the you that I see, they must be totally blind.

My favorite thing about you is your cuteness and sense of style--

even though, I pick out your ties and throw your other clothes in a pile.

Your touch is so smooth, your words taste like champagne, and so

I ponder life with you from iceland to biscayne.

We can argue and disagree sometimes, but be that as it may,

when times get gray, you promise to me to: "just be yourself always."

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