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Fireflies dance in the night and beneath the stars we lay close like two high school kids falling in love. You cannot see the goosebumps I’m sporting under the plaid flannel I wore that, “I had no idea how much you liked it.” Running my fingers through your silky hair and the soft breeze sends the scent of fresh flowers and you to my hopelessly romantic heart. I’m breathless in these moments and I don’t know how. I always know what to say. My mind wanders aimlessly throughout the day, but when I’m with you my stomach becomes twisted and I don’t know how you haven’t noticed yet.

You have such a wonderful energy about you. I can’t explain it, I can’t describe it with words. Angelic? When those crystal blue eyes find their way to locking with mine, and I go to kiss your soft lips I just wish the world would stop spinning and let us have this moment forever. There’s no music playing but all I can imagine is dancing under the beautiful lights of a city with you enjoying the life we built for each other.

Don’t let go, hold my hand, walk with me on this journey and you will be safe in my heart, in my hands. You are my dream and I adore you.


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