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For a minute

A touch from a beaming fire;

An everlasting light.

The flame gleams with passion,

seductively heating my furnace.

I love it when you run your fingers

Through my soul

The tranquilizing feel of your words as they

Leave your lips and enter mine.

I want to know all of you.

Bring me the warmth of your body and

Ignite my flame;

We'll start a fire together

I know I'm your favorite thing to look at

endlessly staring and dreaming about

our bodies grazing each other

under my cotton sheets.

For the moment, you give my life a specific purpose--

a sensation down my spine

to keep me going... slower and


I inch closer to your neck

you feel the condensation of my smile

against your skin

I make you nervous when I nibble on your earlobe

and tell you how much I love

your body

You're wild with drive and

stroke your tongue down my stomach

removing my scarlet lingerie;

your favorite color

throw me down

gently on the pillows and

kiss my leg all the way to where

scarlet hues once lay and

grip my skin, breaking at the surface.

acknowledge my mind and

everything that comes with it...

our unspeakable acts are a themepark

and baby,

I want to ride the main attraction.

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