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Ignite the Night

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Bliss; the feeling of complete tranquility as she runs her fingers down the small of your back staring deep into your eyes. The warmth of her touch as you doze off into euphoria and soothing melodies playing in the background that help you slip away.

You try to practice patience, as you don't want to rush any of the precious moments shared together, but you can't resist her body the way that she looks tonight. As the goosebumps encapsulate you, her eyes lead you into a trance of losing all control. Taking the chance, you slowly make your move. As your lips softly kiss her neck you feel her body begin to wander with her wild thoughts. The thoughts of your passionate touch, endless romance, and the life she could only once dream of.

Chills lay across her body and you know you can't stop now. With the night still young, a fire in her eyes will have you going all night. Like burning flames igniting the night, you ignite the woman inside of her she has been so patiently waiting to meet. The side of her she has envied in so many others as she digs her nails into your skin and you never want her to let go.

How did this become? What started as a simple game you use to play, into becoming a piece of you you'd never put a price on. Hold her tightly as the waves crash into night because she will always remember a steady hand through the rough waters.

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