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To the Gentle Warrior

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Tender hearted warrior–untempered through the strife and pain she covers with her cloak of happiness and strength.

How boldly she stands at the toe of adversity and holds her ground valiantly as her victory is just a few more steps through the darkness she faces ahead. Her fire burns bright, heart as pure as gold. Nothing will stop this one from besting every roadblock before her.

From afar, you wouldn't know the weight she carries on her shoulders. As another rock tumbles down for her to bear, she doesn't even flinch. It's the undying will she has to live her own, best, beautiful, wild, passionate life that gives her a glow that can't be emulated. A glow that brings hope, strength, and guidance to you and everyone she meets and you can't help but say–thank you.

Thank you for being the light to everyone you carry on your shoulders. Empty your load, you aren't alone. Your beautiful soul deserves the break that is in store; Gentle Warrior.

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