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My Promise to You

Free yourself from the reservations holding you back. Tell me about all the scars you have left hiding behind your beautiful smile. Let down your guard and I promise to lift you up. As the gentle winds dance behind your wings, take the chance on me. Let me be the man to take your hand. We will stroll down the soft sand beaches in paradise gazing out over the white caps at the burning red sunset and endless lavender skies.

Have you ever been loved unconditionally? When the storm clouds roll, casting the sky black with darkness, and the rain pouring down washes away the river banks we built our foundation on; my feet firmly planted, remain standing strong. As the world sends you battles that fade your path and you can’t see clearly, you won’t be alone in my arms. No longer will you worry about the validity of the words delivered from a man’s lips. Your mind can be at ease knowing I find comfort in your eyes, in your touch, and in your spirit–nothing else do I need. No matter the strife, pain, or challenges this love will triumph all as the strength we share together can be matched by no sorrow.

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