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Incomplete Thought

You admire her for her strength and beauty, her everlasting smile that lights up any room, and her witty sarcasm that never runs out. Her character continues to amaze anyone she meets and her charisma can seize the will of any man. But, what are you to her? Well, what are you to you? You, are an incomplete thought.

Right now, you are a young man being pulled in countless directions. To be a man of God or man of sin, to be a man of strength and courage or one seeking pity and handouts. A man looking for continuous learning or one who has had enough. One who will stand up in the face of adversity and stay true to his will or a coward who turns his back in the face of danger...

You see, a woman of that nature needs a man of definite action, definite answers, and definite purpose. So be just that! Be the man you seek to become; be the man you wish you always had to look up to growing up. Always do more and expect less. Speak softer and love stronger, for the world you live in now is a cold and cruel world. Just as the young Crucian man told you, be the man that can break the mold because why not you?! Love yourself as much as you infatuate yourself with this woman and see the greatness arise.

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