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Fill Your Cup

Why, you ask. Why do you continue to expose the side of you to the entire world only few deserve to know? The moments it would be just as easy to turn your shoulder, look the other way, and continue about your day you can’t; not you. Without hesitation the shirt comes off your back, the dollar comes from your wallet, the 10 min talk becomes a 2 hour vent even though your wake up call is coming in a few short hours...

Hope, faith, integrity–just a few of the morals embroidered into your character. Who you choose to be every single day god blesses you with, you give everything you have for those around you and save the crumbs of left over of yourself to fill your own cup.

That is what molds champions.

An unchanging character, positive energy, burning passion, relentlessness, and selflessness will be the spark to the torch which will engulf into a beautiful raging fire-your best life and truest self. Never fold, never wilt, your efforts will be rewarded beyond your belief 🙌🏼

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