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Stargazing in LA

Alone. Alone is when I can think the best and I get to clear my head. I step away from all of the chaos and confusion and I try to get a grip of what is going on around me. As the daylight passes by, we look at ourselves for answers to the challenges we are asked to face, day in and day out.

The dusk rises quickly upon us and the stars are high. Without you next to me, I feel so lonely. Empty without your touch. I look up into the auburn sky fading over the valley, as the purples and blues turn to dark midnight skies. Are you there? Reach out and kiss my lips and hold me like you once did. We can be together again if only in our dreams, stargazing. As the summer breeze settles my nerves, I can’t feel complete without you in my arms. If I could only wish upon that shooting star and it was as magical as they taught us from so young. Only in my dreams until we are together…

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