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wee rabbit

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Lately I’ve been feeling needy.

Lately I’ve been feeling greedy.

Lately I’ve been feeling dead.

Nope that’s a lie.

Feel great instead.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Someone once had told me something.

Don’t know who, remember nothing.

Always up, onto the next.

No time to wait.

No time for friends.

There is no time to catch breath.

This is why I’m feelin dead.

This is why I cannot heal.

This is why I cannot feel.

Don’t know what I’m doing here.

Can you see me?

Can you see me?

Please believe me,

God I’ve been reaching.

Up into

Sunshine with no clouds n sunrise behind mounds n long walks, long talks, all around this whole town. They’re scathing. A chance to grow, they’re half amazing. Options when options say there are none left. Exhausted? Catch your breath. Hope hung with soaked sponge near old leaky faucets. Inner dialog tells you this war ain’t lost yet. There’s hope yet. There’s hope left. Found out that one with just one robust and lonesome acid trip. Caused open mouths to shout “oh my” and “oh boy” and “do you see this?

Do you see this?

Do you see this?

I really cannot believe it.

My eyes they must be deceivin’

Mountains all look like they breathin’.

Why my arm feel like it’s bleedin?

Too cold do not fuck with season.

Too cold I done lost my reason.

Go inside. Go inside.

I’ll stay here til’ I fuckin die.

Fuck that—I’m here til’ you die too.

Shut the blinds, ain’t that the move.

Cut off the sun, put on some tunes.

And Say:”

Do you see me?

Do you see me?

What’s with all the heavy breathing?

What’s with all that talk of risks?

What were all the words I missed?

God he must be playin tricks

Says fuck the hat

Where rabbit is?

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

Pulled it from the dirt and beat it

Pulled off ears n left heart beatin’

Says back on in the dirt you go

Says here’s some water, he makes it grow

Gives that rabbit human legs

Gives that rabbit human voice

Gives that rabbit all kinds of things

like will to live

illusion of choice

and thumbs to play his video games

and palms for him to masturbate

and he gives him sense of shame

and sense of hate.

Hate who he must

he is just a rabbit tho,

n rabbit he dont need no trust

he is just a rabbit tho

so he hops around

hops city to city

hops town to town.

He is just a rabbit tho,

rabbit got no type of fate.

rabbit he hop state to state

This rabbit he is sometimes is

and rabbit he is sometimes not

this rabbit he is borderline

DSM gives rabbit squat

He just a trick, he just a trick, he just a trick,

do you know who that rabbit is?

Did you see where that rabbit go?

He still is just sittin there,

Rabbit still stuck in the hole

He tryna grow

Rabbit cant.

Rabbit cant get up and dance.

Rabbit all got two left feet.

Rabbit still trapped in the weeds

Rabbit got all sorts of needs.

Rabbit got all sorts of greed.

Lately Rabbit he feel dead.

Rabbit say all sorts of lies.

Rabbit he feel great instead.

Rabbit great instead.

Rabbit great instead.

Feel great instead.

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