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The Waiting Game

A deep cry comes from my stomach;

an unimaginable vacuity,

where the butterflies have gone

and only patience remains.

Hiding behind fleshy walls, my true feelings lay

and endless questions replay like a broken record.

Can you see the gaze realized in my eyes?

I want you to kiss me, but you'll never know.

Just sweep me off my feet

and let us dance in your kitchen.

Let loose and deserve me

i'm ready to give in.

When I get a chance to hold you,

we connect in a memorable way.

I love when we talk historically

so I can invest in your knowledge.

You confuse me beyond capacity

but my feelings are devoted to your mind.

A simple, yet challenging motif,

but there is elegance in poise.

You'll tell me how beautiful i am

but then forget I'm your adjacent.

As your worldly ideas pleasure me wildly,

I cannot hope enough you'll make a move

it won't last forever,

a high flowing through me.

You will choose me someday,

until then...

I play the waiting game.

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