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The Prudent and The Sharp-minded

The foolish and weak-minded

make not for a naked representation of a person's livelihood.

We are meant to be open to acceptance and

make mistakes.

Without forgiveness and love, fear has everything else to feed on

and no capacity to be full.

Immerse in your deepest desires; share and enjoy them

with others.

Reveal yourself and revel in the brilliance that encompasses your mindscape.

Greed has no place in a circumstance that

calls for acceptance.

Share your creative passions with someone who will wallow in all of their pleasures.

Do not give your time to a person who does not possess the capability of understanding your desires.

Pay forward the allocation of dedication you placed upon someone undeserving--

the fond memories that could have been yours-- to someone else deserving of your charm and charisma.

Reachout with confidence and achieve a nirvana in which empowerment is the key to gratitude.

Gratification is an endless type of self-love which yields a feeling much stronger than fear-itself understood only to

The prudent and the sharp-minded.

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