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The cuckoo flees just as quick as the mouse scurries, but

Nothing compares to the pain the ant feels when it hurries.

And a beaver may gnaw the stump without knowledge of physics,

But a firefly dances at twilight regardless of her mimics.

A cactus grows slim and breathes through its leaves every noon, just as

The goose confides in her partner each continuous brood.

And while mother sparrow works day and night only for her babies to sever,

an elephant remembers his mother’s loving touch forever.

A fungus will force its way through dirt and through gravel

The same way a turtle forced through an egg just to travel.

And sometimes color dusts from a periwinkle Holly Blue

But even a robin cleans her feathers after they get dirty too.

The bullfrog croaks in the warm silent summer,

while red-bellies drum over sounds of harvesting lumber.

Though meadows may die and sunflowers revive,

even the queen bee will rebuild her hive.

Some humans destroy habitats,

Some may do so with pride.

But where there is knowledge, there is hope

and this human will save lives.

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