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Moon River

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I couldn't wait to see you

the smoothness of your smile

the raspiness of your voice

I know it anywhere.

We used to dance underneath silk fabrics

looked out the window to hear nothing but the train

and see nothing but the moon river afloat with her stars;

only they know our secret.

But you let go of my dainty hands

and drifted off without me...

the moon river watches over us

and sees you with her

she wonders where I went.

Her stars watch me dance alone

they see my tears in the late hours

I am never alone when I imagine you...

Am I on your mind?

the moon seems to think you listen for me

but how long must you take to understand that

i loved you.

i think about you every morning

dream about you almost every night

but, its been a while now and i don't think you're coming back.

please baby, caress my shoulders again and bring back

the sound of that train and

the comfort of my bed when our bodies lay close

the moon river will once again enjoy our company.

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